How to trade forex for free!

Forex Trading Without Losing Money – How to trade forex for free!

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Fin24’s new product, Dashboard ( is perfect for the novice who wants to know how to pick shares, how to interpret the figures in a portfolio and when to buy or sell, all using virtual money. So you can have the experience of exposure to the market without paying a cent.

It’s great fun. Once you’ve signed up, which is quick and easy, you can go through a questionnaire to determine what kind of investment style you have: growth, value, contrarian, income or GARP (growth at a reasonable price). It turns out I’m a value investor, like Benjamin Graham or Warren Buffett. Great!

Value investing favours good shares at great prices over great shares at good prices. It can also be defined as the strategy of selecting shares that trade for less than their intrinsic value, according to Fin24’s summary.

Once you’ve established what your investment style is, you can build your portfolio. Choose a name for your portfolio and compete with others on the leaderboard. I’m ‘Tradercat’ and I’m currently sitting at 803 out of 1533 other ‘investors’. That’s up from position 907 yesterday. I prefer a ‘buy and hold’ strategy, so short-term price movements don’t worry me all that much. But the competitor in me enjoys seeing positive movement on the leaderboard!

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