forex cheaters became a millionaire

A man in south Africa cought his wife trading forex using a demo account ,when he ask a long she has been doing it ,she said two month . he took he laptop and start checking on the history , out of 205 trades , she only lost one. The husband was shocked , he ask , you have only lost one trade while others are losing a lot why ? , she said is because she is too focus  she thought she was playing  game.He opened her a real account and gave he only $100 to trade with, here told her to use only R1000.

This woman was able to double the account balance everyday , and she made more one million in 10 days (to be exact R1 024 000)

She said :

with my calculations you can make a million from R1000 in 10 days. before i show you the calculations , let me tell you something that make sense to those who think my formula does not.Lets day you have $200 / R3000  and you have learn forex such that for every three(3) trades you make , are win and one (1) is a loss , lets also say , you allow you self to loss 5% of your current balance and profit the same 5 % , note that in the case of $200 you 5% is $10 /R150.

Now if you win two trades $10 x 2 = $ 20 and loss one $-10 your nat will  $20 + $-10= $10   , meaning that you daily profit is $10  . in 20 days time it will be $10x 20 = $ 200  and this means that you have now double you initial $200 to $400.

If you do the same on the following month with you 5% being equal to %20 at the end of the month you will have turn $400 to $800 and so on and so on.

Remark : we are using using this , $1 = R15

Now lets see how to turn R1000 to R1 million

Start : R1000

Day 1. R 1000 to R2000

Day 2. R4000

Day 3. R8000

Day 4. R16 000

Day 5. R 32 000

Day 6. R 64 000

Day 7 . R 128 000

Day 8 . R 256 000

Day 9 . R 512 000

Day 10. R1 024 000

This is awesome and possible , if you think days are short change from days to month and use the math i gave you above. If you chang from days to month you can turn R1000 to R1 million in 10 month, but the truth is that you can turn 10oo to R1 million with forex trading.

Confidence talk 

Everyone who is doing forex right even with a little knowledge , can atleast double thier money per month and most of those doing forex are tripling thier money every month.